Worship Services


This service is located in the sanctuary but is a casual service. The music is similar to our Traditional worship service at 11 a.m. One difference is our accompanist plays the piano instead of the organ.  This service is popular among some of our younger families. This service has a less formal feel than the Traditional service but still includes the Apostles Creed reading and the Lord’s Prayer. Come, worship with us!

How should I dress?
You should dress in whatever way you would feel comfortable. Men often wear polo shirts and slacks.  Women come dressed in everything from simple dresses to blouses with pants. 


Scripture readings, singing of hymns, prayer and moments of reflection are part of every service. The traditional service worship experience is designed to inspire and prepare you for the coming week.
The traditional worship service, held in the Sanctuary at 11 AM each Sunday. 

This service is designed for those who prefer a more formal worship service. You will experience deep and meaningful rituals and be blessed by the music of our Choir and organist. 

How should I dress? 
In this service, you will see some people dressed in blazers and others in casual dresses and polo shirts as well. During the hotter summer months, we encourage people to dress comfortably.