Now Hiring: Choir Director

The Wedowee First UMC Choir is a small, 4 part (SATB) choir that leads featured worship music drawn from traditional hymnody with occasional forays into other streams of the Christian musical tradition.

The Choir Director supervises music for all worship services within the church:

  • Attend periodic staff meetings
  • Works with minister to plan music in advance for all church services
  • Selects appropriate anthems, introits, or choral pieces for the choir each week
  • Selects and orders new music for the choir to sing during the church year
  • Orders materials for the choir such as binders, robes, stoles, etc. as needed
  • Plans and prepares the choir for special services during the year such as Christmas, Holy Week, Ash Wednesday, etc.
  • Selects hymns appropriate for liturgical season and weekly scripture/message

The Choir Director works with the organist/pianist:

  • Shares view regarding music and rehearsals
  • Works together in planning of special rehearsals
  • Arranges for pianos to be tuned

The Choir Director provides information to the Office Administrator:

  • Provides names of weekly anthems and congregational hymns by Tuesday at noon
  • Provides relevant information for special services in a timely manner

The Choir Director works to maintain and grow capacity to lead the congregation’s music program:

  • Studies and listens to musical scores
  • Arranges music to fit special vocal ranges
  • Practices with choir weekly

This job is estmated to take 15-20 hours per week and will vary based on the church season.

Preferrential consideration will be given to applications submitted by July 1. Please email resumes to Pastor Todd at